What is political science? “Honestly, political science is studying the idea of power — who has it, who doesn’t, and what people are willing to do to have power,” said political science major Adrianne Redding ’12. “It’s the study of governments, public policies and political behavior.”

The study of politics is an integral part of liberal arts. As political science majors at John Brown University, students develop writing, communication, analytical and computer skills which are critical for future employment. Students are asked to think critically on subject matter and to develop an awareness of current affairs.

Courses examine the relationship between faith and politics with particular attention to the role of Christians in the democratic process. Students may engage in independent study to explore topics of special interest as well as formulate their own political views as informed by the principles presented in class.

In addition to classes, students may complete an internship, a hands-on experience in politics or law combined with reading and writing assignments that explore the theory and practice of a particular field of interest.

John Brown University offers a variety of internships and study abroad opportunities, including the International Relations: Irish Studies program and the CCCU sponsored American Studies Program in Washington D.C.

“From political science, I have learned that the world is a huge place and we cannot begin to fully understand all the intricacies of people and ideas,” Adrianne said. “But it sure is fun to try!”