Photo: Careers & Opportunities

Careers & Opportunities

Applying Your Skills


John Brown University's photography graduates work in various fields:

  • Fashion Photography – Fashion photographers are called upon to conceptualize and direct the photo shoots for fashion clients. Often these photographs are intended for publication and advertisement for specific designers and product lines.
  • Editorial Photography – In this field, photographers are asked to illustrate a story or an idea within the context of a publication, particularly that of a magazine, newspaper or online publication. Photojournalism is considered a subset of editorial photography which is intended to document an event, particularly a news event for mass-media communication.
  • Event Photography – This type of photography captures a myriad of events – weddings, birthdays, baby shows, bar mitzvahs, wedding anniversaries, parties – as well as simple family or child photos for sentimental record.
  • Food Photography – Food photographers must be masters of light and technique in order to create appealing images of food for advertisements, brochures, menus and the like. This kind of photography relies heavily on light manipulation and color palettes for maximization of food appeal.
  • Still Life Photography –  Still life photographers focus on capturing inanimate objects such as scenery and architecture.
  • Crime Scene Photography – Photographers in this field are required to know how to use an infrared camera for the sake of evidence documentation.
  • Other kinds of photography to specialize in: science photography, underwater photography and nature photography.

Photography international opportunities

International Opportunities

Several international opportunities are available to art students, including the annual European Art Tour. One or more faculty and their families will take up to a dozen students to key art destinations for about two weeks. This trip is subsidized by an anonymous donor and the cost to the student is very reasonable. Course credit is available as well.

The purpose of the art tour is to expose JBU students to the full experience of seeing, feeling and understanding great art. While there is merit to learning through exposure to slides, books, television, lectures and discussions, nothing can replace the impact of seeing something in person.

Summer Studies trips are also available for college credit.

InFocus Sunrise Hike


Photography students join the Visual Art Foundry, the student-led art club. InFocus is a sub-club of the VAF that plans events for any students who love photography, like this awesome sunrise hike. The VAF also plans other events to connect art students while enriching their art education experience.


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