Photo: Careers and Opporunities

Careers and Opporunities

Applying What You Learned

Careers in Philosophy

Lawyer - The ability to think and write clearly, to analyze and present arguments, is highly valued in the law profession. Philosophy majors have one of the highest rates of acceptance at law schools.

Health professions - Medical schools look favorably upon candidates with a liberal arts degree, especially from philosophy departments.

Local, state & federal government - if politics has your interest a major in philosophy gives you a solid foundation for a variety of jobs in government.

Business - a degree in philosophy gives you a broad foundation, the ability to think critically and make decisions - all benefits to someone in the business world.

Local Opportunities

  • Join the JBU philosophy club
  • Pursue an internship at a think tank
  • Study with faculty in the United Kingdom
  • Present papers at academic conferences
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