Looking for a summer camp job? Here's who's hiring!

Camp War Eagle - Rogers, AR

Recruiting on Campus: Sept 28-30th

Contact: Andy Charles

Camp Size: 450 staff, 4500 campers

Type of Camp: Day Camp/Traditional Residential

Jobs Available: Summer Camp Counselor

Life Impacting PAID Summer Job with Kids!! Camp War Eagle is a Christian Sports and Adventure Camp for primarily under-served and at risk kids ages 7-17 in NW Arkansas about 2 hours from Siloam. We are looking for college students that Love God first and foremost, Love Kids, Love the outdoors, and desire to make a difference in the lives of others! It is a PAID summer job in which you will gain leadership and life skills that will carry over into whatever career you are pursuing. PAID summer internships are available to certain majors that already connect with our diverse camp program. These especially apply to majors dealing with children, social services, ministry, recreation, nature/ecology, video production, or sports. This summer consider making a difference.

"I always knew that I wanted to work at a camp in the summer during my four years at JBU, but I had no idea who much it would change my life. I applied to work at Camp War Eagle my freshman year of college and worked the following summers. I worked at camp for 8 weeks that first summer and it was incredible. I made some of my best friends that summer & the following summers and learned how to love sacrificially. I learned how to embrace people without expectations and how to sit in satisfaction at the feet of Jesus instead of the approval of man. Camp War Eagle is still a part of my life today and I am so glad that the Lord had that for during my summers in college."
- Bonnie Black

New Life Ranch - Colcord, OK

Contact: Maggie Hardy

Camp Size: 3,500 campers per summer

Type of Camp: Day Camp/Traditional Residential/Wilderness/Family

Jobs Available:

Nehemiah Team Leader
The position of Nehemiah leader is for those who have a heart for behind-the-scenes service and discipleship. Nehemiah leaders facilitate 2 weeks of learning experiences for Leadership Development participants going into their sophomore year of high school. These experiences include working in the kitchen, serving with the maintenance team, performing acts of service to the surrounding communities, maintaining clean facilities, studying the book of Nehemiah and engaging in group team building. Essentially, the role of a Nehemiah leader is to provide Christ-centered discipleship to the next generation of servant leaders.

Timothy Team Leader
The role of a Timothy leader is to equip Leadership Development participants going into their junior year of high school with practical leadership skills over a period of 3 weeks. The first week, Timothy leaders will be providing supervision and support to campers as they plan and execute their very own backpacking trip on the Buffalo River. The second week, campers will continue to grow in leadership through team building experiences and day camp training as facilitated by their leaders. During the final week of Timothy team, leaders serve as day camp facilitators and even activity class teachers. Leaders also lead in-depth Bible studies through the books of 1 and 2 Timothy, as well as mentor and guide the students on their team.

Wilderness Trip Leader
A wilderness Trip Leader is for those who possess a strong sense of discernment and keen observation. The Trip Leader facilitates a week long wilderness experience including 3 nights at a base camp and 3 nights along the Buffalo River. Trip leaders train students in navigation, backpacking, fire building and Leave No Trace principles. When adventuring, a trip leader is responsible for the health and safety of the Timothy Team and for debriefing team dynamics. When at camp, Trip Leaders will offer administrative support to the Leadership Development team by teaching Day Camp training sessions and assisting the Day Camp staff in daily tasks. Trip leaders should act as a challenging and caring force in the lives of Timothy Team participants and staff. Wilderness First Responder certification preferred.

" I have spent the past five summers on staff at New Life Ranch. December 2014, I graduated JBU with a degree in Outdoor Leadership Ministries. My summers at New Life Ranch have allowed me to practice much of the theory I learned as a student at JBU. For three summers, I was a part of the Leadership Development staff. As a Nehemiah, Timothy Team, and Soma Leader, I was able to facilitate a transformative experience for high school students where they began to take their eyes off of themselves and engage their communities as servant leaders. If you have a particular interest in passing on leadership principles to high schoolers through experiential training, please consider applying for New Life Ranch's Leadership Development staff positions. For more information about what it is like on summer staff, email me at maggie@newliferanch.com or chat with some of your fellow JBU students like Daniel George, Emily Tumilty, Courtney Williamson, Allison Bullington, Caroline Tuttle, Mason Bowen, Thatcher Radler, William Conroy, Coplea Donaley, Ann Clemenger, Madisen Stewart, and Jana Strom."

- Maggie Hardy

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