Health Education Building

The nursing program is housed in JBU's new Health Education Building. The 21,000 square foot facility built in 2016 includes three classrooms, clinic teaching space with four exam rooms, four simulation patient rooms, two health assessment labs, a computer lab, offices, and study lounges.

In the simulation patient rooms, students will use four High Fidelity Simulators, computer-operated interactive mannequins that can blink, bleed, drool, cry, dilate their pupils, generate heart and lung rhythms and sounds, mimic breathing, and more. With these simulators, students can learn to take the pulse of the mannequin, as well as perform procedures such as urinary catheter insertions, childbirth, and defibrillation. With two adult simulators, one pediatric simulator, and one mother-newborn simulator, JBU students will be able to respond to real-life medical scenarios artificially simulated in a safe learning environment.

The books are going high-tech too, with students using e-books for all the program’s classes. Besides increased portability and ease of information access during clinicals, e-books enable students to share notes and highlights, cross-reference concepts and vocabulary as well as follow links to case scenarios.