Majoring in music at JBU means engaging in a unique experience with many ways to get involved and join the community. Music majors can:JBU Music Students

- Take part in the music theater workshop. Each year, students have the opportunity to perform or take part in a musical. Whether it's singing in the spot light, learning make-up techniques, costume designing or set building, participating in a musical is guaranteed to be a memorable discovery of new friends and personal talents.

- Gain valuable theater and music experience by learning production techniques

- Learn about recording, writing and conducting music. The music lab has keyboards and computers available for student use. Digital recording and writing of music is taught and all equipment is available for student use.

The Cathedral Choir performs during Candlelight- Join the Cathedral Choir, a nationally recognized choral group. The Cathedral Choir goes on national tours each spring and international tours to Ireland every three years. Each year, the choir records a CD of their selected songs for that year (picture left).

- Audition for and join the Red Steps worship band (picture right). This group of talented musicians go on tours, write worship songs and reach out to the community outside of JBU to lead them in thoughtful, meaningful worship. Check out the Red Step's last CD recording.

- Join the community theater to add more acting and vocal pieces to your resume!

- Play in the music ministries ensemble. If you have a passion for leading worship, participating in a music ministries ensemble gives you valuable experience through leading Chapel services while honing your music, leadership and organizational talents.The Red Steps worship band

- Gain valuable work experience by becoming an accompanist for the theater department or community theaters

- Music students and non-music students can join a music ensemble. Jazz, classical or chamber ensembles allow students to develop skills outside of other classes!

- Students can put their music history knowledge to work and gain hands-on work experience by becoming a music librarian for the Music Department

- Join nationally recognized music groups and apply for the student group for pianists – MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association)

Volunteer for the student group for everyone - CMENC (Collegiate Music Educators National Conference). This student group allows you to fellowship with other music students, come up with initiatives for the Music Department, or organize events with other music students. It's a great way to get to know the faculty, staff and students!

- Perform in various music recitals. These recitals allow you to show your fellow classmates the vocal or instrumental pieces you practice each semester. It's also a great way to gain performance experience and practice for junior and senior vocal recitals.

Cathedral Choir members singing during Candlelight Be a part of the Christmas Candlelight service. The tradition of the Candlelight service at JBU draws in hundreds of people each year.  You can take part in making the worshipful service happen by joining the Cathedral Choir, Women's chorus, decorating the Chapel, handing out programs or helping as an usher. This tradition is a wonderful way to begin the Christmas season.

- Apply for the student group for pianists: MTNA (Music Teacher’s National Association). Join like-minded students from around Arkansas in developing your piano skills and participating in academic conferences for musicians.

Some of the nation's best instruction on music theory, music history and aural analysis — what JBU Music labels the "pre-performance" aspects of music. Read more about our outstanding "pre-performance" program here.


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