Looking at the Options

Careers in Math Education

  • Teach overseas - Many international and missionary-based schools look for qualified teachers to serve.
  • Work in private or public schools - Educational institutions are always seeking quality teachers.
  • Graduate school - Many graduates choose to pursue a degree in higher education to teach collegiate coursework in education.
  • Education Administrator - These professionals oversee the daily aspect of childcare centers, preschools or other schools. Typically, this position requires an advanced degree.
  • Missions work - Many missionary families are looking for qualified educational professionals to help them with homeschooling.


Mathematics education majors at JBU have many ways in which they can become involved in the community or experience unique aspects to JBU's mathematics education major!

  • Work with the Dogwood Literacy Council in Siloam Springs
  • Get classroom experience by observing teachers in the community
  • Develop a whole curriculum while in school
  • Volunteer with local schools
  • Take part in a drama production
  • Join the school musical
  • Tutor local high school and elementary students
  • Spend a semester studying overseas

Why Study Math Education at JBU?

Reasons to study math education at JBU


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