Is Management for Me?

In order to really like management, a person must have a passion for people and efficiency. High attention to detail is necessary; you are constantly keeping everything in line and optimizing production. Here are a few skills and attributes that will benefit you as an manager:

  • A sharp, analytical mind
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • The ability to cast a vision and lead well
  • Computer literacy
  • Efficiency focused

The Management major prepares students for careers as professional managers in corporations, public institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and small businesses. In addition, the program provides a foundation for students who want to pursue graduate degrees in business and public administration, law, and the social sciences. The curriculum gives students a broad exposure to the functional areas of business, the environments in which organizations must operate, and knowledge of important behavioral dimensions of management. Students may select Management as a major or minor field of study.

The baccalaureate program in Management requires 124 minimum total semester hours including courses from four categories: (1) the core curriculum, (2) the business core, (3) the management core, and (4) a minor field of study or electives sufficient to achieve the required minimum total hours.

Click here for a list of course requirements: Management Course Requirements

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