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Careers and Opportunities

Turning Your Passion Into a Career

Communications Specialist - Businesses in both the public and private sector need people to facilitate the mechanics of the business. Communication majors learn how to use multiple forms of media to engage audiences and get messages across clearly.

Development Officers - Many organizations look for individuals who can excite and engage others in the mission of their organization. These professionals meet with clients, communicate goals and raise funds or awareness for their organization.

Speech Writing - Many corporations and firms will pay for people to encourage others to empathize or agree with corporate goals. Also, many businesses want people who can work with representatives in displaying a great company image.

Lobbyist - Lobbyist work for large firms, awareness groups, unions and businesses. These professionals advocate for their clients, which means they need excellent skills in communication, writing and critical thinking.

Marketing Communications Specialist - Businesses in the public and private sector are always looking for professionals who can help them market their product. Specifically, they look for individuals who can use a variety of media in creative ways to market their products to specific demographics. These types of positions are perfect for communication majors.

Media Relations - Businesses may look for people to help them with marketing in television, radio, social media or other print material.

Media Coordinator - This position requires excellence in communication to coordinate marketing between different types of media. Companies hire media coordinators to work with internal communications as well as handle brand image, campaigns and marketing images.

Online Reporting - As the information becomes more of an online source, businesses want individuals who can write well, edit stories and quickly put material online. These positions can be freelance or positions within actual companies.

News Writer -  Magazines, newspapers, news channels, online reporting, business public relations and other venues want individuals who can quickly write news about or for the company.


The Threefold Advocate

The Threefold Advocate is the award-winning student newspaper at John Brown University. The 10-page weekly broadsheet is published 22 times each school year. The news and advertising are produced for practicum credit by communication majors and minors. Other JBU students may assist as designers, columnists, editorial cartoonists and photographers. The student editors and staff make all the editorial and production decisions under the auspices of a faculty adviser.

The Nesher

JBU's yearbook, The Nesher, has been a proud tradition since 1926 with its first publication under the name Jebroco. Under the name Nesher since 1982, the yearbook continues to record the highlights of the year to the best of the staff's ability.

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