Is International Business for Me?

Those who major in international business typically love to travel, have a passion for other cultures, and easily adapt. A willingness to travel and respect for other cultures is needed; you are bringing together people from different cultures and teaching them how to work effectively, despite their differences. Here are a few skills and attributes that will benefit you if you choose to major in international business:

  • A sharp, analytical mind
  • An interest in learning a foreign language
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • The ability to work easily adapt to new surroundings
  • A macro, big picture, perspective
  • Love for differences among people

The International Business degree is a broad program of administrative and international studies designed to prepare students to function competently in international and multicultural business contexts. In addition to the campus curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in overseas study and international internships. This program is enhanced by JBU's rich tradition of international student diversity.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree with a major in International Business requires 124 minimum total semester hours including courses from four categories: (1) the core curriculum, (2) the business core, and (3) the international business core and (4) a minor field of study or electives sufficient to achieve the required minimum total hours.

Click here for a list of course requirements: International Business Course Requirements

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