Our graduates work for small startup companies, non-profit organizations, large retail companies, suppliers and distributors, and some of the largest accounting firms in the world. In addition, many of our graduates have gone back to school for master’s degrees in business and other areas of study.

Mirna Sandoval, an international business graduateMirna Sandoval
Spanish Instructor at the University of Arkansas in the World Languages Literatures and Cultures Department

“The College of Business helped me to expand my critical thinking skills to adapt to the changing times and be able to continue my career as a college instructor, business consultant and project leader for social ventures. The education that I have received from the College of Business is priceless because when I do outstanding work I recognize that I have been empowered to work with excellence and provide great results for the companies and organizations that I work with. The Christian education integrated in all classes in the College of Business provides sound advice in order to always make the correct decisions in alignment with God’s word and will for your life and career.”


JD Andrade, an international business graduateJD Andrade, 2011
Recruiter at Concentrix Nicaragua
Entrepreneur (Agricultural Food Systems)

“Attending the JBU College of Business has been without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. The College of Business taught a lot of essential skills that are key to my professional development today. I learned about the impact of inspiring others and building solid relationships — as I interacted with professors, staff and other students. Also, the courses I took were incredibly relevant to the real working world, and the experience I gained from group presentations, hands-on projects and regional business competitions is priceless. The JBU College of Business truly develops the Head, Heart and Hand of individuals — transforming students into world-class professionals.”


Arnold Orantes, an international business graduateArnold Orantes, 2009
Senior Auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Costa Rica

“JBU provided me with a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in international business, management, accounting, finance and technology that allow me to keep improving and constantly exceed all the expectations and needs of my clients at PwC, the largest company from the big four accountancy firms worldwide.” 

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