What Is International Business?

Let’s face it, the world is becoming more and more global focused every day. With the influence of the internet, humans can connect with each other anywhere in the world. If there was ever a time to study international business, now is the time. Studying culture and the effect it has on purchasing decisions is insightful and ever-changing.

International business is the future of business. Working in international business, you will help an organization make commercial transactions (private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) between two or more regions and strategize and implement growth plans internationally. Companies need employees who have a deep understanding of culture and aren’t afraid of taking risks or  frequently adapting and changing. International business workers act with knowledge, elegance and cultural sensitivity to facilitate deals and transactions that benefit both parties. As the world continues to strive towards a global economy, executives are desperately searching for leaders to rise up and help grow their businesses.

Why Major in International Business?

It’s marketable. As companies continue to expand their operations globally, there is a strong need in the market for cultural knowledge bearers - those who understand how the global marketplace works. Students who major in international business have a tough decision after graduation: what country do I want to work in?

It’s exciting. Imagine being in San Francisco one evening, Beijing the next, and a few days later in Brazil. This lifestyle is not uncommon for those who pursue a career in international business. The memories you make in this career field will last a lifetime.

It's diverse. Working in international business requires a diverse skill set. Some call these employees the “jack of all trades” others call them “capable”. A diverse skill set is necessary to work with diverse people in a diverse setting.