Looking at the Options

Careers in Intercultural Studies

  • Teach English in an international setting
  • Serve in a variety of ministry capacities overseas
  • Improve living standards in developing countries as a sustainable development worker
  • Produce video and other media to spread the Gospel
  • Pursue a career in international law

Local Opportunities

Intercultural studies majors at John Brown University have the chance to:

  • Work alongside professors as the professor conducts research and publications
  • Spend a semester studying overseas!
  • Tutor students in the community
  • Work with the Dogwood Literacy Council in Siloam Springs
  • Volunteer with local outreach programs
  • Create a professional portfolio that integrates academic and internship experience
  • Learn community development practices and survival skills
  • Students are encouraged to study abroad and are required to spend a minimum of four weeks emerged in a different culture

Organizations & Awards

Theta Alpha Kappa - Join the national honor society for religious studies and theology

Zondervan Student Award - This prestigious award is given to students for outstanding achievement in the study of biblical Greek.

Paradosis Center - Bringing together Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians for meaningful theological exchanges centered on Scripture and rooted in the Great Tradition.

International Opportunities

Abila Archaelogical Excavation - You can spend a summer working with an archeological excavation in Jordan, uncovering the ancient city of Abila of the Decapolis, scuba diving in the Red Sea, camping in the desert of Wadi Rum and more! For more information, click here.

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