Intercultural Studies major Elyse Terrill ’13 spent three weeks living on a farm as part of the Intercultural Studies Program. While there, she and her classmates learned how to use renewable energy, garden, make solar stoves and soap, as well as test water. “It was the best preparation class and the best hands-on experience,” Elyse said.

The Intercultural Studies Program at John Brown University prepares students to understand, analyze and work in different cultural settings from both social and Christian perspectives. Students learn about community development, social structures, skills needed to facilitate social change, land management, health and sanitation, cultural stress, and intercultural relationships.

 As part of the program, students are required to study a particular non-U.S. region, which includes a minimum four week immersion experience in that region or culture. 

What does Elyse want to do with her JBU experience? “I want to go overseas to teach English,” she said. “Many of the other Intercultural Studies students are missionary kids, and they have shown me first-hand that growing up overseas can be a great experience.”