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Careers and Opportunities

Look at Your Possibilities

History majors learn skills which are easily applicable to a variety of jobs. Employers look for people who can write well, communicate and think critically — skills which history majors learn and apply in college!

  • Graduate school - Many graduates choose to advance their career in a particular area of interest. These advanced degrees will enable students to be able to teach collegiate level classes.
  • Paralegal - This growing field is great for history majors because it requires research, writing, attention to details and skills in communicating both verbally and in written form.
  • Law school - Majoring in history lays the groundwork for studying law, as you will have to read extensively while maintaining knowledge of overall ideas, create cohesive arguments and find research to back your arguments.
  • Professional writing - With much of the world online these days, professional writing for blogs, digital magazines, businesses and other organizations is in great demand.
  • Technical Writing - Technical writing works well with history majors because it requires attention to detail, consistency and the ability to summarize overall messages into a concise statement. Often, writers will have to take complex ideas and make them understandable to the average reader ... which is exactly what history majors learn how to do.
  • Copyrighting - This position involves editing and writing for everything from major organizations to law firms. The key is detail oriented consistency and an ability to edit/understand main ideas in large documents.
  • Grant writing - History majors learn how to write persuasive arguments, which is exactly what grant writing entails.
  • Business-to-Business sales - Complicated sales processes involve researching various solutions, checking reviews and writing up findings in a cogent manner. This requires writing, reading, and analytical skills ... exactly what history majors learn.
  • Policy Analyst - Requires analyzing, writing and developing new policy plans. Both governmental agencies and businesses in the private sector hire people to develop policies and communicate them clearly to the target audience.
  • Archivist - History majors work well as archivists. Gathering data, researching, writing event summaries and documenting finds are part of the job, and are skills that every history major learns.
  • Records Management - Many companies, universities, colleges, non-profit organizations and government agencies need individuals who can keep meticulous data in order, research and organize large amounts of data. This position fits well with the strengths that history majors develop.
  • Online Reporting - As the internet becomes more a source of news and information, businesses want individuals who can write well, edit stories and quickly put material online. These online reporters can work for companies or freelance.
  • Journalism -  Magazines, newspapers, news channels, online reporting services, public relations firms and other businesses want individuals who can quickly prepare materials about or for the company. Journalists need to be able to research events, find data quickly and write well.
  • Speech Writer - Many corporations and firms will pay for people to encourage others to empathize or agree with corporate goals, and as a history major, you will learn how to write and communicate persuasive arguments.
  • Lobbyist - Lobbyists work for large firms, awareness groups, unions and businesses. These professionals advocate for their clients, which means they need excellent skills in communication, writing and critical thinking.

For more information, visit the American Historical Association

Local Opportunities

  • Research independent topics and submit academic papers to national conferences
  • Have the chance to study Egyptian hieroglyphics or medieval Latin inscriptions
  • Volunteer with the local literacy council in Siloam Springs
  • Tutor local high school students or elementary students
  • Join a CAUSE ministry on campus and serve local areas

International Opportunities

 You can spend a summer working with an archeological excavation in Jordan, uncovering the ancient city of Abila of the Decapolis, scuba diving in the Red Sea, camping in the desert of Wadi Rum and more! For more information visit our International Programs Office.

Summer Internship Opportunities

Summer internship opportunities are listed below by location.

Dallas, TX

Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma City, OK

Kansas City, MO

St. Louis, MO

Springfield, MO

Denver, CO

Colorado Springs, CO

Little Rock, AR

Chicago, IL

Washington DC

New York, NY

Northwest Arkansas


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