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Careers & Opportunities

Looking at the Options

Graphic Design Careers

John Brown University's Graphic Design graduates work for small design studios, advertising agencies, publishers, production houses, animation studios, corporate design offices and a wide variety of institutions such as hospitals, colleges and cities. In addition, many of our graduates have gone to work for ministry organizations all over the world. Some designers work exclusively in print, while some work exclusively in web design. Some of our graduates work as account executives or office managers rather than as hands-on designers. Some freelance, and a number have begun their own businesses.

  • Graphic Designer ­– A graphic designer is responsible to assemble images, graphics and typography to communicate an idea or concept to an audience in an appealing and memorable way. Graphic designers are employed by a range of companies for both print and web designs.
  • Creative/Art Director – A creative director oversees the team that produces the final visual product for a client. This team could include a range of professionals from graphic designers, photographers, artists, illustrators to writers and a production staff. Typically advertising agencies, newspapers, public relation firms, marketing firms and even manufacturers need a Creative Director with an intimate understanding of product advertisement and graphic production.
  • Layout Artist –  A layout artist creates an aesthetically pleasing interaction of images and text.  Typically a layout artist arranges text and photos primarily for magazines and newspapers and also for websites and digital documents. They focus on directing the readers’ attention to the most important material on the page while graphically maximizing all of the information on a page.
  • Brand Identity Designer – This type of designer establishes an entire line of graphics for a specific company or product in order to standardize the characteristics of the brand and the message that the client is trying to communicate to the public.
  • Logo Designer – This type of designer works specifically with logo development. The logo of a company, club or group communicates an identity and message to everyone who sees it. A designer focused on logo development has to be creative in taking the personality of an organization and communicating it through logo art.
  • Web Designer   A web designer can have a wide range of responsibilities. They can work specifically on a type of web design like graphics, web-interface, user-experience and search engines. They can also be employed to simply build web-sites from the ground up. Overall a web designer is employed to build and maintain a web presence for an organization.

European Art Tour

International Opportunities

Several international opportunities are available to art students, including the annual European Art Tour. One or more faculty and their families will take up to a dozen students to key art destinations for about two weeks. This trip is subsidized by an anonymous donor and the cost to the student is very reasonable. Course credit is available as well.

The purpose of the art tour is to expose JBU students to the full experience of seeing, feeling and understanding great art. While there is merit to learning through exposure to slides, books, television, lectures and discussions, nothing can replace the impact of seeing something in person.

Summer Studies trips are also available for college credit.

Visual Art Foundry


Graphic Design students join the Visual Art Foundry, the student-led art club. The Visual Art Foundry Design Mill hosts events and workshops where students can hang out and talk design. The VAF also plans other events to connect art students while enriching their art education experience.


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