Life After the Classroom

JBU graphic design graduates go on to do amazing things. Here's just a few of them.

Kevan Gerdes

Kevan Gerdes '12
Associate Graphic Designer at DaySpring

"My experience at JBU taught me to meet deadlines, pair typefaces and pay attention to the details, which now I use in my work as a Graphic Designer to create greeting cards."

Chris Eshnaur

Chris Eshnaur '12 
Freelance Graphic Designer in the Los Angeles area, represented by Creative Circle Talent Agency

"My time at JBU really encouraged me to further the bounds of my creativity and to continually seek new and innovative ways to communicate. More importantly, I learned that with Art, just like anything else in life, the quality of the product you produce is a direct result of the effort you put into it."

Justin Eddy

Justin Eddy '10
Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi

"JBU taught me the value of collaboration -– as a designer, it is essential to look to others for critiques on your work, and to brainstorm ideas with. It truly is the best way to grow. There are few better places for collaboration than the classroom."

Mariali P

 Marialiset Paz De Leon '01
Creative Director at DaySpring

"JBU was the greatest launch pad for my career in graphic design. It taught me the right foundations and necessary skills to succeed in the field of advertising. Since graduating, the art program has only continued to improve dramatically ... can I have a second round at JBU, please?? "


Other graduates who now work in the area of Graphic Design include:

Anna Andrus '12 - Graphic Designer at JBU
Cara Harlan '11 - Publication Secretary/Graphic Designer at Walnut Street Baptist Church
Dave Abbott '10 - Video Producer at DaveAndACamera
Jesse DeFriese Skidmore '10 - Art Teacher at Black Forest Academy
Phil Roberts '10 - Creative Media Producer at Black Orchard Studios
Christy Hall '08 - Graphic Designer at Soderquist Center
Bobby Chamberlain '07 -  Graphic Designer at Mitchell Communications
Miles Witt Boyer '07 - Professional Photographer,
Tim Woodring '07 - Art Director at AvreaFoster
Rachel Beilfuss '06 - Art Teacher at White Settlement
Dave Ellcey '04 - Graphic Designer at Simmons


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