Why Study Finance at JBU?

Experienced faculty. JBU’s finance professors have years of real-world experience in banking as loan officers, private investors, and established financial analysts. They know everything there is to know about lending money and making money, and they are passionate about helping you succeed.

Christ-centered education. We believe business is more than profits. We will teach you to use your skills in a way that’s honoring to God and share valuable insights on how to look at teammates and bosses in a different manner. We will prepare you for secular attacks on Christian employees and teach you how to respond in a way that reflects Christ’s redeeming love.

Unique curriculum. At JBU, we are passionate about students participating in engaged learning. The classroom style is unparalleled. Students participate in hands-on projects that force them to implement what they learn in the classroom into real-world simulations.

Change communities. You will have the chance to change communities for the better through the JBU business club ENACTUS (Entrepreneurs in Action). You will create innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing social issues, knowing you are making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.



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