John Brown University’s Family and Human Services major offered Glenna Pittman ’13 more than just an understanding of family dynamics. “It’s a perfect fit for me,” she said. “I love the idea of helping people through listening. Every story is different and everybody has a unique perspective on life.”

Classes in family and human services focus on real everyday issues such as marriage, sex, conflict, mental illness, etc. The major focuses on assisting people to understand who they are and, more importantly, who they are becoming in Christ. Courses and professors challenge students to investigate their own weaknesses on a daily basis. “I love the honesty that I encounter in my classes,” said Glenna. “I feel so comfortable that I can open up and share what’s going on in my heart and know that my professors and peers understand.”

Classes address a broad spectrum of issues like family sexuality, parenting and developmental psychology, and students are shown how to address each unique situation. Students are encouraged to use their classroom experience in the greater JBU community. “I’ve worked in The Garden, a nonprofit soup kitchen, and other SIFE initiatives,” Glenna explained. “My major has helped me with these projects because I’ve learned how to embrace people from different walks of life.”

Glenna plans on becoming a marriage and family therapist after graduating from John Brown University. “I feel confident that my major will greatly equip me with what I need,” she said. “It has really helped me understand people better and have a more open mindset with the relationships I encounter on a daily basis.”