Unique coursework. JBU’s entrepreneurship curriculum is unmatched; not found anywhere else. The curriculum is sequenced and takes students on an entrepreneurial endeavor. From idea conception to the launch of a company, students will gather every tool they need to successfully start their own companies after graduation.

Real-life application. Hands-on learning is an understatement for the JBU Entrepreneurship program. Sitting in a chair while listening to a lecture is an uncommon occurrence. Students in this program are constantly working through real-life simulations, participating in consulting projects, and building tools to assist with the launch of their companies.

Cross-disciplinary program. The entrepreneurship program (both major & minor) at JBU attracts students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Collaborating with students in other majors—nursing, biology, kinesiology, and engineering—allows students to grow in their ability to work with a diverse team and think outside of the business mindset.

Experienced business advisors. JBU has access to hundreds of business advisors in the Northwest Arkansas area. These entrepreneurial experts assist students and guide them to success.

Christ-centered education. By running their own companies, entrepreneurs have the ability to show Christ’s love through the form of business. As business leaders, entrepreneurs influence their customers, employees, and other local businesses.

Change communities. It takes innovative entrepreneurs to solve the world’s most complex problems. Without entrepreneurs, the world would look very different. Entrepreneurship students are encouraged to join ENACTUS – a social entrepreneurship class dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for pressing social issues.


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