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More About the English Major

The curriculum for the English major highlights the critical analysis of literature and historical development of literature as part of culture. Whether studying human reasoning through Dante’s works, or comparing views on Sylvia Plath, professors integrate faith and learning by challenging students to examine literature through the lens of a Christian worldview.

Professors also emphasize writing, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary for scholarship, effective teaching, and success in a wide variety of professional fields. Students learn critical thinking skills useful in more than classroom or academic settings. English graduates from JBU often go into careers in publishing, editing, writing for business and industry, teaching, management, and more. While an English degree is used in various careers, many JBU students choose to continue studying English after graduation.

Test Clubs & Organizations

 Opportunities in the English Department

  • Renowned authors, poets and songwriters hold creative workshops for students during Giving Voice: A Festival of Writing and the Arts. Volunteer and learn what organizing literary events entails and how to set up workshops in multiple fields of discipline. This is a great opportunity to get critiques on personal creative writing, research papers, or ask questions about the fields of writing, editing, and publishing.
  • Teachers encourage students to present their research in class, give presentations on topics of interest, and submit their work to magazines and journals.
  • Creative writing courses include readings of students' personal works. Students gather at coffee shops or bookstores to present their own poetry or writing, and students also have opportunities to present at state or national writing conventions.
  • Expand your writing and editing skills by writing or editing for the university’s journal, Shards of Light, or newspaper, the Threefold Advocate.
  • Gain valuable work and editorial experience by working in the Writing Center. Students working in the Writing Center help other students brainstorm topic ideas, edit papers, fix grammatical errors, and polish up their research papers. 

Course Requirements

For specific course requirements, detailed class descriptions, and sample 4-year plans, visit the current JBU Catalog