Our Alumni

Utilizing Your Degree

English is a versatile degree, which means students may take it to any job which requires writing, speaking and thinking critically.

Meet Jen Heller:

Jen Heller“Since I graduated, I've worked as an archives coordinator in Arkansas, an urban agriculture agent in Senegal, a wrangler and tour guide in Alaska, a refugee rehabilitation volunteer in Boise, and now a sales associate at a women's high-end fashion store, and it was the flexibility of how I presented my English degree as an asset that cemented each of those job opportunities for me. English majors are equipped to do WHATEVER they want in the English program with the critical thinking and communications skills they acquire.”

Other English Department graduates:

  • Kevin Mills’ (’94) book "Baby Codes" became a #1 bestseller on Amazon.
  • Jeremy Seifert (’99) is in Svalbard, Norway, until Oct. 12, 2011, filming for a documentary film on the world’s food supply. See his websites: GMO Film Project; Dive! The Film.
  • Jeff Reimer (‘03) is a full-time freelance editor. He edits mostly theological material for publishers such as Fortress, Baker Academic, Brazos, Paraclete and InterVarsity Press. He has corrected the grammar of many varied writers, from the current pope to the philosopher Slavoj Žižek.
  • Spring Frankenburger Weaver (’05) is now editing a journal for a medical research company.
  • Hannah Tranberg (’07) completed the program at the Denver Publishing Institute and has been working for a publisher in OKC for about three years now.
  • Melanie Sooter (’09) is living in Taipei, Taiwan, working for Live ABC, an educational publisher, as Publications Editor – Educational Programming Associate.
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