Photo: Embedded Experience of Elementary Education

Embedded Experience of Elementary Education

Immersion in the Schools

JBU believes in giving its students hands on experience. We don't wait until your last semester of college to put you in the local classroom. You start as a freshman!

The Professional Development School is a partnership between Siloam Springs School DIstrict and JBU. Together we meet the learning needs of students K-16: elementary, secondary and university.

JBU education candidates learn about student characteristics and needs, along with curriculum and teach strategies, through a clinical model centered on active, authentic practice IN SCHOOLS! SSSD students learn by having JBU candidates in their classrooms teaching alongside K-12 teachers.

We impact students by:

  • Offering broad and extended classroom experiences throughout freshman - senior years
  • Increasing teaching responsibility
  • Learning from professors and classroom teachers
  • Involving them in action projects




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