Photo: Bachelor in Digital Cinema + MBA

Bachelor in Digital Cinema + MBA

Bachelor in Digital Cinema + MBA

Bachelor in Digital Cinema + Master in Business Administration

Digital Cinema + MBA

The movie business is made up of self-employed, contract workers who wield their craft one feature film at a time. Our undergrad program in Digital Cinema will help you achieve the skills and the experience to produce professional work and our graduate degree in Business will help you learn how to professionally market those skills and create a viable business model. The purpose of the John Brown University’s Digital Cinema + MBA program is to help students learn the collaborative skills of modern filmmaking combined with business and management skills and leadership strengths that will enable them to excel in their areas of calling.

After a thorough undergrad program of foundational cinema courses followed by in-depth work writing and developing your own screenplay, and producing a short narrative film ready for film festivals and distribution, you begin your business education with foundational undergrad business courses plus 12 hours of graduate business courses while you are still in your undergrad program. That’s 12 hours of MBA coursework for free and completed by the time you earn your BS!

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