Degree in 3

Graduate in 3 Years

Save time. Save money. Take on the world a year ahead of schedule.


Paying for higher education is a challenge for most families, especially in times of economic difficulty. John Brown University has a tradition of going the extra mile to find innovative ways to make college more affordable. Next year, we are excited to offer a new program to significantly push down the cost of getting your degree at JBU: Degree in Three.


Starting in 2014-15, JBU's Degree in Three option is for students wishing to graduate in three years while still taking part in the full experience of a JBU education. This program could help students save on the cost of completing a degree program — and complete their degree a year earlier than the average student.


Degree in Three is a creative scheduling program being developed by JBU’s Office of Academic Affairs providing a road map specifically delineating the order and times classes must be taken to achieve a three-year finish time. Degree in Three doesn’t cut corners; instead the program includes summer terms and 18 hour semesters. All course requirements are the same as the traditional four year program.


Degree in Three isn’t for all students. Some majors simply can’t be squeezed into three years. Other students may find the accelerated pace and homework loads to be prohibitive. But for some students, Degree in Three represents a way to save and still get the full JBU experience.


We will be announcing the JBU major programs that will be participating in Degree in Three here soon. Check back often. Or for more information, contact your admissions counselor or Dr. Robert Norwood, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, at

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