Major in Cybersecurity

Defend against cyberattacks • Solve critical problems • Make an impact

Protect vulnerable data.

In the cybersecurity major, you’ll work with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other essential tools to safeguard information. At JBU, we’ve designed a flexible cybersecurity program that will prepare you for a meaningful career through hands-on learning. 

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Learn technical skills

At JBU, you'll earn a strong background in programming logic, network switching and routing, server administration and network forensics.

Get hands-on experience

You'll gain hands-on experience from courses such as introduction to computing, computer networking and intrusion detection/prevention systems. 

Receive support from professors

You'll learn from experienced, approachable and accessible professors dedicated to student success. 

What to expect as a cybersecurity student

Understand information technology

Cybersecurity coursework builds skills that will allow you to provide leadership in the IT field. 

Apply for prestigious internships

JBU students regularly earn summer internships at top companies like NASA, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin. Our faculty will help connect and guide you to great opportunities.

Pursue your master's

Through our 4+1 Accelerated Master's Program, you can graduate with a bachelor's and a master’s in Cybersecurity in just five years.

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Meet our cybersecurity faculty

Paul Nast

Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity

Derrek Arce

Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity

Justin Simpson

Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity

Brent Nohl

Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity

Jonathan Newton

Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity

Ryan Dugger

Adjunct Instructor, Cybersecurity

Bluefield University Partnership

While studying in person on JBU’s main campus, you’ll take some online cybersecurity classes taught by Bluefield University faculty. A Christian university located in Virginia, Bluefield's proximity to federal agencies allows professors to teach about cybersecurity from relevant experience. The institution has been nationally recognized as one of the 15 Cyber Centers of Excellence by Cybint and is dedicated to integrating faith and learning just like JBU.



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