Criminal Justice at John Brown University

Major in Criminal Justice

Develop a holistic understanding of criminal justice • Learn methods of social science research • Graduate industry or law school ready

Master an important and interdisciplinary field.

To work in criminal justice, you must have specialized knowledge in law, political science, psychology, history, etc. In JBU’s criminal justice program, you’ll learn from these disciplines and apply this knowledge to make an impact in a growing and important field.

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Understand the criminal justice system

At JBU, you'll receive a broad education in law, criminal procedure, government and human behavior. You will get specialized and professional training in these different fields from professors who have been there and know the real-world applications.

Get hands-on training

You'll be prepared for a career in law enforcement or the legal profession and challenged to apply the lessons in the classroom to the real world.

Refine communication & collaboration skills

Employers look for graduates who not only have technical knowledge but have learned to collaborate with others, communicate effectively and discover innovative solutions to problems. At JBU, you'll learn these skills throughout your studies.

What to expect as a criminal justice student at JBU


Learn data and methods of social science

You'll gain familiarity with data and social science research methods to analyze and make sense of real issues in criminal justice.


Get forensic lab experience

You will take multiple forensic labs to apply what you've learned in class to mock crime scenes, including work with blood splatter and identifying fingerprints.


Develop a Christian view of justice

A Christian perspective of grace and justice will allow you to apply legal and ethical reasoning skills to real-world criminal justice issues - to make a difference where you live and work.



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