The construction management major at John Brown University builds students to succeed in the construction industry through a balanced application of technical expertise, ethics, stewardship, creativity, craftsmanship, work, community and leadership

“I love that construction management is such a practical major,” senior Chris Cox said. “We have hands-on activities in every class, and I know that I am being prepared well for my career.”

After graduation, CM majors become involved in construction, architecture, civil engineering and structural engineering. They often become project managers, superintendents and schedulers, as well as cost estimators and safety officers.

At JBU, the program takes a distinctive “hands-on” approach. The department strives to incorporate theory in the classroom with practical experience in the world and lab. Setting up plans, working on designs and building are not extracurricular activities, but are integrated right into the program.

The CM program also trains graduates to develop a philosophy of building that is grounded in their Christian faith and guides their craft and relationships. 


“Nabholz Construction has a long history of hiring Construction Management students from John Brown University. The JBU Program develops future construction professionals with the maturity, integrity and self-confidence to be successful construction professionals. They also bring practical skills, are effective communicators and problem solvers, work well in a team-oriented environment, and bring a strong desire to add value.”  - Steve Clouten, DBIA; EVP Operations, Nabholz


Nationally Ranked 4-Year Degree Program



Construction Management

Students learn integrity, ethics and the value of their coworkers while addressing issues such as quality control, cost estimating and safety.

“At JBU, we want to incorporate Christian ethics in the classroom by teaching the process of construction from a biblical viewpoint,” Professor of Construction Management Jim Caldwell said.

(Photo above: Josh Hammett '10 CM Graduate - Watch Josh's Video Profile)


"JBU-CM gave me the professional skills I needed to be a step ahead of other graduates when I entered the industry." Josh Hammett 2010 Graduate - Project Engineer/BIM Coordinator at Nabholtz Construction

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