Major in Media Production

Become a media producer • Develop production skills • Make an impact

Media production is vital to effective communication. JBU gives you the skills you need.

In the media production major, you will learn and practice the techniques necessary for
video and audio production through both classes and practicum experience.
At JBU you have access to state-of-the-art facilities to put your skills to the test.

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Media Production at JBU - You'll get to:

Create in Great Spaces

The newly renovated space in the Communication Department provides students with professional settings for hands-on media training to prepare for a media career.

Apply Your Skills

Students fulfill their internship requirements at global and non-profit organizations, media publications and church communication departments as communication and public relations specialists.

Get Radio Exposure

Train as a radio announcer and work on the online broadcast (Real FM) of KLRC or intern in different areas at KLRC to learn the skill of radio production.

Learn from Professionals

Study under broadcast professionals from KLRC, recipient of the prestigious Marconi Award, who teach practicums and mentor media production students interested in radio and media.

What Could You Do With A Media Production Degree?

Radio Producer

Utilize your technical skills and work to produce audio and content for radio.

Music Producer

Oversee the development and productions of songs and albums.

Radio Announcer

Use your voice and technical skills to record audio for talk shows, commercials, and more on the radio.

Television Producer

As a producer you'll be involved in the production of the show from beginning to end, helping make decisions in casting, shooting, wrapping, and more.


Capture video for television, internet, film and more! As a videographer, you may also work on smaller projects like commercials, weddings, music videos, and corporate promotions.

Radio Station ManagerRadio Station Manager

Oversee all aspects of a radio station. Lead you staff in the right direction by making decisions concerning production, advertising, etc. 

Media Relations

Businesses may look for people to help them with marketing in television, radio, social media or other print material.

News Writer

Magazines, newspapers, news channels, online reporting, business public relations and other venues want individuals who can quickly write news about or for the company.

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