Major in Digital Journalism & Civic Engagement

Become a journalist • Learn to work in multimedia • Change the world

Digital journalism and civic engagement gives you a voice. JBU will prepare you to use it effectively.

In the digital journalism and civic engagement major, you will learn the crafts of writing, reporting, editing,
and producing in both traditional and digital media platforms. At JBU you will learn to integrate your faith with
your calling to journalism in order to ethically and accurately report on critical issues in our world today.

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Students and professors share what makes JBU's digital journalism program unique.

Digital Journalism & Civic Engagement at JBU - You'll get to:

Create in Great Spaces

JBU's award-winning student newspaper, The Threefold Advocate, is home to many communication students in the newly remodeled newsroom. The bi-weekly publication develops students in writing, reporting, editing, photography, design, and more. 

Apply Your Skills

Students fulfill their internship requirements at global and non-profit organizations, media publications and church communication departments as communication and public relations specialists.

Publish Your Work

Find stories, work under deadlines, plan layouts and publish your work every week in JBU’s award-winning newspaper the Threefold Advocate.

Write in Washington D.C.

Develop your voice, streamline your writing and get hands-on experience through internships at the Washington Journalism Center in Washington D.C. - all for JBU credit.

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