Develop your Skills and Interests

Careers in Child & Family Studies

Students majoring in Child and Family Studies have a variety of career opportunities upon graduation.

  • Case management for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations, day care providers, half-way homes, children/youth/adult/senior citizen's programs or group homes — both internationally and domestically, faith-based and secular
  • Research and evaluation for community centers, hospitals, adoption agencies, rehabilitation centers or camp programs
  • Writing, editing or researching for organizations focused on children and family (book publishers, radio/TV stations, nonprofit organizations, newspapers, magazines or manufacturers)
  • Program advocate/coordination/evaluation for child care programs, health and wellness agencies, women's protective agencies — both internationally and domestically, faith-based and secular
  • Teaching and administration for religious organizations, day care centers (private or public), extended school programs, private homes and family day care
  • Children’s ministry and family ministry in church or para church settings
  • Graduate school: CFS majors pursue graduate degrees in play therapy, child and/or family counseling, school counseling, occupational therapy and Christian education

Local Opportunities

  • Work with children at the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter
  • Join a CAUSE ministry such as SASS: Students against Sexual Slavery
  • Complete a hands-on internship with a non-profit, governmental or para-church organization that helps families and children
  • Conduct interviews and research on topics such as children/adolescents facing difficult circumstances (e.g., orphans, child soldiers, those in foster care, those who have been sexually abused, etc.) as well as other topics such as family communication, best practices in spiritual formation for families, marriage and family living, and sexuality
  • Create holistic curriculum for children in crisis
  • Create a professional portfolio that integrates academic and internship experience
  • Examine critical issues facing counselors, youth leaders, educators, ministers and social workers

International Opportunities

Each year JBU provides several mission trip opportunities. For more information, visit the International Programs Office.


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