Chemistry in Head, Heart, Hand

Chemistry in Head, Heart and Hand (Or, as we call it, CH3) is an extra-academic program designed for the students who wish to connect the lab to the world. The idea is simple: you learn more when you practice what you learn.

To participate in CH3, students must submit a project proposal detailing plans to apply the sciences to real-world contexts within each of the three categories: Head, Heart and Hand. Students' CH3 projects will be supervised by chemistry faculty to encourage students to consider scientific ideas within new contexts, become effective and passionate science professionals, develop vision for life-long learning, and practice linking academic understanding to conviction with action.

The flexible nature of the program and its participant-led nature affords students the ability to complete the program requirements in ways that fit their individual abilities and interests while maintaining relevance and academic integrity. Completion of the program will be denoted on students' transcripts as well as with a cord upon graduation.


CH 3