Care & Counselling Program Details

Preparing for Ministry

The Christian ministry formation program offers students 9 different emphasis — care & counseling, chaplaincy, child & family, Christian schooling, cross-cultural, experiential education, leadership, worship and youth.

Personalized Care

Students are personally mentored and guided by the professors in the program We get all of the students from freshman to seniors together weekly for lunch and monthly for ministry opportunities.

Unlimited Training Access

Being the only Christian college in NWA, we can provide students with unlimited access to local volunteer programs and internships where they can immediately employ their classroom learning into their unique area of ministry.

Global Training

We provide our Ministry students with the opportunity experience a month long study-abroad program at locations across the globe (Great Britain, Ecuador and Poland so far. SE Asia or China looks like it’s next). They can earn 9 credits, live with their professors and their families and learn what effective ministry looks like outside of a North American context.

Course Requirements

For specific course requirements, detailed class descriptions and sample 4-year plans, visit the current JBU Catalog.

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