Photo: Minor in Business Administration

Minor in Business Administration

How a Business Minor Fits

Five Reasons Why Other Majors Should Minor in Business Administration:

  1. Many students want to start their own business or do freelance work after graduation. In the business minor, students learn how to write successful marketing plans, create income statements and balance sheets, and how to conduct ethical business practices.
  2. Business skills are versatile and transferable. The processes you learn in business classes can be used in your personal life, your own business or even in the corporate world.
  3. There are many opportunities to work on a team. Group projects are popular in the business program, which allows student the chance to work with many different people. Through this, students realize their strengths, improve their weaknesses and gain experience working with people they may or may not know.
  4. There are many opportunities to network with like-minded people. Through ENACTUS, the classes in the minor and the professors you encounter, you have a chance to meet people who are innovative and entrepreneurial.
  5. Specifically for Art Majors: Marketing and business plans need graphics: loyalty cards, brochures, display boards, logos and t-shirts. Business majors love having artists on their team to turn their design ideas into real, physical promotional pieces that can be used for the presentation and possibly in real life.
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