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JBU graduates are entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. If your future plans include creating a business of your own, let us know!

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Where did they go from here?

JBU graduate, James Smith, began a furniture manufacturing start-up in his garage, that grew to a large thriving company within months.

Dustin Solomon studied Digital Media at JBU, and now works with films from around the world at this company Mutiny FX.

After studying Construction Management at JBU, Jacob Tankersley began a successful business. His company, GB Group Construction does cutting edge custom home builds and remodels.

Governor's Cup

Award-Winning Students

Students at JBU annually participate in the Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup Competition. Teams create a business plan and compete for cash prizes. Not only are the prizes a great incentive, but investors and experienced business people judge your presentation and plan, and give you critical and useful feedback. JBU students regularly place in the competition, and some teams go on to start their own business based on their competitive plan. In 2011, the winnings from all undergrad JBU teams combined, totaled $93,000!

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