Kelsey Daughterty’s ’13 visit to the Peace Wall in Ireland during her summer studies trip reinforced the ideals of ethical leadership she learned in her business classes. Etched into the wall was a faded painting that said “Love Will Win,” which caught Kelsey’s attention. “After visiting Ireland, I’m less ready to jump into an argument and more willing to think about how everyone can resolve the problem and work together,” she says. “I wouldn't have been as aware of conflict management without my classes in the business department."

Studying business administration at John Brown University means learning from experienced faculty and having opportunities to apply course materials to real-life situations. Professors strive to apply biblical principles to business and challenge students to use the Bible as absolute authority while working with business ethics.

Business administration students study communication skills, financial modeling, statistical theory as it applies in business settings, recreational opportunities in the private sector, business law and business ethics. Courses of special interest are offered in either a classroom setting or as independent study under faculty supervision.

From internships and competitions, to clubs and professional associations, JBU equips students to succeed. Whether participating in the Student Government Association, working on campus or applying for internships, Kelsey is able to utilize her knowledge of financial spreadsheets, something she learned in class. “When I’m applying for internships, employers always ask if I know how to use Excel, Access and other financial management tools, and I’m always able to say ‘Yes,’” Kelsey says.  

Beyond the classroom, students have the chance to deepen their involvement and gain practical hands-on experience through award-winning activities like ENACTUS (Entrepreneurship in Action) and the Governor's Cup. During the summer of their junior year, students complete an internship through supervised learning involving field experience in a business firm.

Ultimately, Kelsey’s dream job is to open up a bookstore with a café atmosphere. “Or, I would love to be a buyer for Wal-Mart,” she quickly says. “That would be a job that would allow me to travel, and this degree would totally open up that possibility for me.”