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Biology Careers and Opportunities

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Careers in Biology

John Brown University's Biology department has experienced great success in assisting students in gaining acceptance into graduate and professional schools.

Biomedical Research - There are many opportunities in government, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies and individual researchers for students with training in biological technology. Research can be done with a bachelor's or master's degree. However, a long-term career in the field of biomedical research usually requires a Ph.D.

Clinical Work (Physician, dentist, optometry, therapist, nurse, physician's assistant, veterinary, etc.) - A degree in biology lays a solid foundation for any medical career. Students interested in further medical training have the option of joining JBU's Pre-Health Professions Program.

Missions or Humanitarian Work - Students can easily use their knowledge in biology for non-profit organizations that deal with agricultural, ecological or environmental community development.

Ecology - Students majoring in biology may wish to pursue a career in ecology or related fields. Forestry, environmental management, renewable energy or environmental research are all possible options for those interested in the field of ecology.

Graduate School - Many graduates of biology choose to continue their studies in a field of particular interest with graduate degrees.


Students in the Biology department will be given a thorough education in foundational biological principles, in addition to being exposed to the most recent developments in the field of biology. Opportunities to gain practical experience are available through class time spent in the labs, equipped with state of the art equipment, including a cadaver lab for pre-health professional students.

Students can also be involved in research projects with biology faculty or participate in off-campus study programs.

Students have full use of JBU's biochemistry labs, which are equipped with some of the latest technology in the field.

Professors are constantly conducting individual research and students have the opportunity to work alongside professors in relevant scientific research.

All equipment is made available to students in the classroom and for undergraduate research.

Human anatomy students are given the unique opportunity to participate in cadaver dissection. John Brown University is one of only two universities in the state of Arkansas that make cadaver dissection available to undergraduate students!

Students get to conduct experiments with human and animal organ systems.

Marine biology students spend time in the Florida Keys during an intensive spring-break study trip.
Students present senior projects

Students participate in and join the Celebration of Academic Excellence, presenting senior projects and research to the public (pictured right).

Laboratories in human physiology include surgical procedures and experimental manipulation of live non-human vertebrate specimens.

Areas of further interest include:

The Pre-Health Professions Program (PHPP) which guides, equips and encourages students interested in pursuing acceptance to professional school and a career in the health professions. (PHPP Flyer)

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