Biochemistry at JBU

In the biochemistry major, you will have access to faculty and state-of-the-art labs to help you conduct and publish your research. JBU will prepare your for graduate school in biochemistry/molecular biology; professional school in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or pharmacy; or working in a laboratory setting.

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What to expect as a biochemistry student at JBU

Publish Research

Students can work with faculty on their research initiatives or conduct their own undergraduate research projects to ultimately publish in national scientific journals.

Customize Your Degree

JBU's Biochemistry program of study can be customized to serve students interested in graduate school in biochemistry/molecular biology or professional school in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or pharmacy; or working in a laboratory setting.

Use the Latest Tools

JBU students have access to labs with the latest technology and equipment including an Instrumentation Lab, Organic Chemistry Lab and Advanced Chemistry Lab.

Opportunities for Research

Students have a chance to practice laboratory skills through research opportunities by participating in undergraduate research and working alongside a faculty member. The availability of summer and/or regular summer research is of great benefit to the ambitious chemistry student.

Work with Accessible Professors

JBU lab classes are capped to 20 students so that professors can give student-specific guidance and recommendation.

Go to Grad School

Over 75 percent of JBU students who apply to graduate schools or schools for the health professions are accepted. The success rate approaches 100 percent upon reapplication the following year.

What Could You Do With A Biochemistry Degree?


Biotechnology depends on the ability to alter chemical structures for materials and organisms like agriculture, livestock, pharmaceuticals, or other industries.

Pharmaceutical Chemist

Biochemists study chemical interactions with organ systems, conduct viral research, develop diagnoses and therapies for diseases, and assess the relationships of chemical reactions with other prescription drugs.

Food Analyst

Biochemists research development of nutritious yet inexpensive foods, develop methods of extracting nutrients from waste products, and research ways to prolong shelf lives.

Chemical Information Specialist

This job involves managing technical chemical information for researchers, industry professionals, students, and professors.

Research Specialist

Government agencies, private industries, pharmaceutical companies, and independent researchers look for students with a solid science foundation.


Many students choose to go on to medical school. A major in biochemistry provides a solid foundation for studies in medicine.


Classes in biochemistry involve the study of mammals, and many students choose to take their foundational major in biochemistry to pursue a career in veterinary care.


Biochemists research the way in which organic or inorganic compounds in the environment or in the human body affect overall health.

University Professor

Teach biochemistry and conduct research, though to teach chemistry on a collegiate level, an advanced degree is required.

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