Biblical and Theological Studies is more than just reading words on a page.  Understanding the culture of that time, the history of the stories and the languages they spoke is crucial.  Students at JBU study New Testament Greek, the original language it was written in.  Derek Demars ‘11, was challenged by studying Greek, but that is not the only way that he grew. “My career as a JBU student has helped me to practice discipline in many areas of my life, not just when studying foreign languages,” said Derek. “It has also demonstrated the value of constantly praying for direction and acting with boldness in positions of leadership.”

This degree is designed to equip those who are planning to enter directly into ministry or further their studies in seminary or graduate school. The curriculum provides important content in biblical studies, theology, Church history and related disciplines.

Students majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies must successfully complete 12 hours of language studies, including at least two semesters of New Testament Greek.

Classes like Philosophy of the Christian Faith, History of the Christian Church and Philosophy of Religion give students a foundational understanding of the Christian church and the difference between God’s truth and cultural values. Students are encouraged to engage in on- and off-campus ministries. “I’ve been able to lead Bible studies, work in a local college ministry and teach sermons both at JBU’s Gathering chapel and at a local church,” Derek said. “I am constantly excited by how rich and inexhaustible the study of God’s Word is.”