Photo: Art & Illustration Careers & Opportunities

Art & Illustration Careers & Opportunities

Develop your Skills and Interests

Art & Illustration Careers

  • Commercial Product Designer – Designing commercial products means that you could design greeting cards for a major card company. You could also design stationery, calendars and textiles that are sold around the world.
  • Medical and Science Illustrator – In a position like this you would design images found in medical or science textbooks, not to mention medical publications, journals, presentations, websites and the like. Typically, medical and science illustrators earn dual bachelor’s degrees in science and illustration in order to maximize their understanding of both fields.
  • Fashion Illustrator – These illustrators design online and print advertising for clothing, shoes and accessories. Typically, they work to create aesthetically appealing layouts for fashion magazines, departments stores, catalogs and independent designers.
  • Children’s Book Illustrator – Currently, there exists a large research initiative devoted to developing great children’s literature, and there are countless children’s books in the making that could use creative and fun illustrations. You could work for a publishing house or as a freelancer in this field.
  • Animation Studios –  An animator's skillset can be used in versatile ways, from creating unique characters and settings in which these characters live to creating 3D models for project designs and execution. Animators are able to supplement communication based on their design and execution.
  • Advertising Agencies – Companies are anxious to get the word out about their products and services, and each one of those companies is different. There are plenty of opportunities to develop brands and labels at advertising agencies that communicate the functionality of a product and increase sales.
  • Freelance Work – If you don’t want to do only one type of illustration then build a portfolio and a clientele. This a great way to utilize your skills and fulfill your passion in a variety of circumstances.
  • Other opportunities include design studios, publishers and production houses.

European Art Tour: Berlin

International Opportunities

Several international opportunities are available to art students, including the annual European Art Tour. One or more faculty and their families will take up to a dozen students to key art destinations for about two weeks. This trip is subsidized by an anonymous donor and the cost to the student is very reasonable. Course credit is available as well.

The purpose of the art tour is to expose JBU students to the full experience of seeing, feeling and understanding great art. While there is merit to learning through exposure to slides, books, television, lectures and discussions, nothing can replace the impact of seeing something in person.

Summer Studies trips are also available for college credit.

Visual Art Foundry


Art & Illustration students join the Visual Art Foundry, the student-led art club. The Visual Art Foundry illustrators host events and workshops where students can hang out and talk illustration. The VAF also plans other events to connect art students while enriching their art education experience.




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