Photo: Art & Illustration Alumni

Art & Illustration Alumni

JBU Art & Illustration Graduates

JBU art & illustration graduates go on to do great things!

We are proud of John Mark Gibbons, a JBU student who graduated with degrees in Graphic Design and Art & Illustration with an emphasis in Digital Art. He accepted a position as a technical animator at the Moving Picture Company and has worked on Night at the Museum 3. He recently completed his final project of his latest year at the Vancouver Film School, a short film called "Peace & Quiet."

Check out more of John Mark's 3D Art at


Jeb Kennedy

Check out this illustrator collective blog of the artwork of four JBU Art & Illustration graduates.


Jeb KennedyJustin Eddy, a JBU Graphic Design and Art & Illustration graduate, is doing great freelance work on his website and working as an Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi



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