Five "Top 5 Lists" of reasons to study accounting

By Prof. Don Balla

Top five selling points of ACCOUNTING.

5. Jobs. A major in [that other field] and a minor in Accounting usually lands a sweet job as an accountant.

4. Promotions. Accountants get promoted. In a single year, CFOs (Chief Financial Officer) were promoted to CEOs (Chief Executive Officer) at Krispy Kreme Donuts, Phillip Morris and Applebee International.

3. Good Company. John Grisham was a Certified Public Accountant before he became a famous writer.

2. Answer to Prayers. Your parents are secretly praying that you become an accounting major so you can earn enough money to never live at home again.

1. Chicks. Guys dig girls who know the difference between debits and credits.


Top five key components of the ACCOUNTING MAJOR.

5. Accounting majors learn how to do business better than business majors so they can advise business majors on what to do.

4. Accountants learn the rules that govern business. Accountants are the only non-attorneys that can represent clients in tax court.

3. Accountants know the computer software that runs business and train others to use these programs effectively.

2. Accountants are communication specialists. We explain complex issues to anybody, no matter how unsophisticated.

1. Accountants are professionals. We know what to do. We say to our clients, "Wait, don't tell me what you want to do. Tell me what you want to accomplish, and I'll advise you on how to do it."


Top five reasons why you should MAJOR IN ACCOUNTING at JBU.

5. Suarez, Balla, McCullough & Kennelley. Our CPA professors have worked overseas, as attorneys, scored the highest CPA exam in the state and hold a PhD in Accounting.

4. Skills. We know what skills you need. These you will do and do and do and do and do again until you can do them well.

3. Fellow students. Although your teachers all have God as a real force in their lives, JBU possesses a critical mass of believers to hone your spiritual walk.

2. Laughter. We are funnier than most accounting programs.

1. You will be good for us. We will like you better because we will get to know you better.


Top five professions that use an ACCOUNTING major.

5. ACCOUNTANTS ARE NOT BOOKKEEPERS. We design business systems and hire bookkeepers to run them.

4. CARRY WEAPONS. Your senior year the FBI will come recruiting. Accountants led to the arrest of Al Capone.

3. CPAs. With a good grade point average going into your senior year, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) firms will start recruiting you six months before you graduate.

2. MISSIONS. Christian organizations are begging for smart accountants to spend their lives helping others preach the gospel.

1. GOVERNMENT. Even as a recent graduate, you can do more good than harm working as an accountant in government.


Top five ways to practice your faith with an ACCOUNTING MAJOR.

5. Look out for the interest of others. We are never the prima donas. Our job is to make others successful.

4. One body. Your colleagues in other departments will be coming to you for help in making their departments successful.

3. Missions. A Christian hospital in Pakistan is looking for an administrator right now.

2. Accounting is a people business. You see your tax clients year after year, cry and laugh with them, watch their kids grow, love them.

1. Paid in full. We understand zero balance. No one understands what it means to have Jesus pay off all your debts quite like accounts do.

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