Services for Community Borrowers


The following groups are eligible for a Special Patron card for the JBU Library. There is no charge for a Special Patron card. It is good for one year, renewable as long as the holder remains eligible. Special Patrons can check out up to 5 books at a time. To request a Special Patron card, inquire at the circulation desk.

  • Pastors
  • Faculty or students at other colleges, universities, or seminaries (including ARKLink card holders)
  • Spouse or children of JBU employees
  • Retired JBU faculty

Community members, including alumni, who do not qualify for a Special Patron card may request a General Patron card. General Patron cards cost $10/year, renewable annually. General Patrons can check out up to 3 books at a time. To request a General Patron card, inquire at the circulation desk.

Checkout Periods and Limits

  • Books:  Up to 3 (General) or 5 (Special) books for 21 days
  • Juvenile Picture Books:  Up to 3 (General) or 5 (Special) for 7 days
  • Reserve Books:  Up to 3 books for 3 hours; must remain in the library
  • DVDs:  Not available to Special/General Patrons
  • Games:  Not available to Special/General Patrons
  • Reference Books: Non-circulating; in-library use only
  • Periodicals:  Non-circulating; in-library use only


Books can be renewed up to two times as long as they are not on hold for another user. Call (479-524-7202) or email to renew your items.

Fees and Fines

  • Materials are considered lost when they are unreturned for an extended time past their due date. Lost or damaged materials are billed for replacement cost + processing fee. Replacement charges are nonrefundable after the charge has been forwarded to the business office for collection. Lost or damaged ILL materials are billed according to the rate set by the owning library. Checkout privileges will be suspended for patrons with unpaid lost or damaged book charges, and cards cannot be renewed until the balance is paid.
  • $1/day overdue fines are assessed for the following categories:
    • ILL books
    • Reserve books
    • Books that have been recalled
  • Interlibrary loan service fees may be assessed in the following circumstances:
    • $4 service fee per filled request by a Special or General Patron.
    • $4 for items ordered but never picked up.
    • $4 to reorder an item that has been previously delivered.

Online Resources

Due to contractual limitations with electronic resource providers, Special and General Patron cards cannot be used to access online library resources remotely. Arkansas residents are encouraged to consult the Arkansas State Library Traveler website for online resources that are available statewide. You can, however, search the JBU Library catalog online without needing a username and password. Select the "Books" tab from the main library page to access the catalog. You can also access our databases and ebook collections while you are physically in the library using our computers or WiFi network. Visit the IT Help Desk office in the back corner of the library to request a guest login for computer or WiFi. The three computers around the pillar near the library entrance can be used with no login required. There may be a time limit on computer use if students are waiting. 


Request the guest copy card from the circulation desk. Copies cost 10ยข per page, black & white, payable in cash as soon as you are done making your copies. 

Interlibrary Loan

See the Interlibrary Loan page for details about this service. Service fees are charged for completed requests from Special and General Patrons.

COVID Protocols

JBU recommends that all visitors to campus comply with the current CDC and ADH guidance for avoiding the spread of COVID-19. The university reserves the right to change its protocols and access policies if necessary to limit the spread of disease. Visitors should be aware that there is an inherent risk of exposure in all public spaces.