Links to Library Resources

Create Permanent Article URLs

If you try to share a link to an item from a JBU Library online resource with a student or instructor (or save it for yourself for later) using the URL in your internet browser address bar, you may find that the link does not work. Instead, follow these steps to get a permanent, stable link that you can share or save.


1. Find the permalink for your item

Most library resources support permalinks (also known as document URLs, stable URLs, or bookmarks). See this handout for illustrations of where you can find the permalink in several major databases. If you have any trouble finding the permalink in a particular library database, please ask a librarian for assistance.


2. Make sure your link is proxy-enabled for off-campus users

Once you have your permalink, check to see if its URL starts with If it does, you're good to go. If it does not, there's one more step before you share it: copy and paste the link into the link generator below to create a proxy-enabled version of the link. This will ensure that off-campus users will be able to access the item you share. 

Copy and paste your web link here

Click to generate the link.

Copy and use this link: