Study & Presentation Rooms

The library has rooms of various sizes available for group or individual use. Reservations can be made by contacting the circulation desk (library@jbu.edu479-524-7202); when not reserved, rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note: leaving a note on the door of a room does NOT secure a reservation. 

The second floor of the library is the quiet study area. If you are using a second floor room for a group meeting, please keep the door closed and be considerate of those who are studying nearby. Study rooms are NOT soundproof.

Please do not leave your possessions unattended in a study room. They will be removed. 

The following rooms are available. (View Library Map.)

Library Classroom/Presentation Practice Room (Room 132)

This room has desks for 25 people and a computer/projector system that is the same as those in other JBU classrooms.

SmartBoard Room (Room 218)

Conference table with seats for 12. The wireless keyboard and electronic pens for use with the SmartBoard can be checked out from the circulation desk; instructions for operating the SmartBoard are posted in the room.

Oliver Room (Room 215)

Desk, loveseat & two parlor chairs. Please be aware that because the Oliver Room houses circulating materials, library staff or users may need to briefly enter the room during your reservation time in order to retrieve materials. If you need uninterrupted use of a room, consider reserving a different room.

Beanbag Conference Room (Room 214)

Four beanbag chairs, low table, white board. (Markers can be borrowed from the circulation desk.)

Group Study Rooms (Rooms 213 & 212)

Conference tables with seats for six or eight; white boards. (Markers can be borrowed from the circulation desk.)

Individual Study Rooms (Rooms 210 & 209)

Desk & chair for one person.

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