Newspapers, Magazines, & Journals

Electronic Periodicals

The great majority of periodical literature offered by the JBU Library is now available in electronic form.  Use Full-Text Journal Titles to browse journals by discipline or to find out whether JBU provides full-text access to a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper. All periodicals available through the JBU Library, in electronic format and in print, are listed in the Full-Text Journals list. You can search for articles from a variety of publications by searching in the JBU Library OneSearch or in a subject-specific database appropriate for your field of study.

Current Periodicals

Periodicals currently received in print by JBU Library are held on the first floor of the library in the reading area between the research help desk and the presentation room. The current volume is held in the current periodical browsing area. (This usually includes issues published in the current calendar year, but for some magazines it goes back a little farther.) Print periodicals must be used in the library. (Faculty members who need to borrow print periodicals should contact the periodicals coordinator.)

Back Issue Periodicals

Back issues of print periodicals held by JBU are kept upstairs, arranged alphabetically by title. Most of the back file periodicals kept by JBU have their articles indexed in one or more index that you can use to locate specific articles that are relevant to your research; ask a librarian if you want help finding material in print periodicals. The Full-Text Journal Titles list indicates which titles are kept in print and what date ranges are available. Print periodicals must be used in the library.

Back issues of newspapers are retained for one year. If you want to look at a physical copy from within the past year of a newspaper received by JBU Library, inquire at the circulation desk. If you need articles from more than a year ago, use Full-Text Journal Titles to see what electronic access is available or submit a request through interlibrary loan.


A small number of back issue periodical titles are held in microfiche format – small sheets of film with miniaturized images of the pages of the magazine or newspaper that can be read using a microfilm machine. If the Full-Text Journal Titles listing indicates that the periodical you seek is available as microfiche, ask a research librarian for assistance.

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