Leader Scholars Institute

Leadership development to glorify God

LSI Logo 2016 

The Leader Scholars Institute (LSI) is a four-year leadership development program that combines the best of classroom and non-classroom learning. Our aim is to create an intentional, diverse community of leadership learners. Membership in LSI is open to any first-year student by application and interview.


Our mission

Our mission is to equip leaders in a way that will empower their passions to bring glory to God's kingdom.

What we do

LSI equips and enables students to be leaders — people who live with intentionality and purpose, both at JBU and in the years that follow. Our goal is to impact the Kingdom by helping students understand their God-given strengths and passions as they learn and apply practical leadership skills to make a difference in their world.

Who we are

LSI is a four-year program — the combined curricular and co-curricular program is specifically designed to be developmental, innovative, challenging and rewarding. We are a community of leader scholars committed to learning together and to creating positive change.

The Four - Year Overview

LSI Center 

Located on the right wing of the second floor in the Soderquist Business Center, the LSI Center is a shared center, available to LSI and Honors students from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. weekly and 7:00 a.m. to midnight on weekends. The Center provides an attractive location for meetings, classes, studying, reading, and hanging out. The Center offers complementary coffee and is a cohesive place of belonging for all LSI and Honors students, as it is visited often. The LSI staff and student directors all have work spaces located at the center, and love it when you stop by to visit or ask a question!

As you enter the Center, the door opens into a lobby with an arrangement of couches and chairs for socializing. The Study Library, #245, is available for reading and studying. Students are encouraged to borrow the books and donate their own to the library. In the open space past the library, there is a line of desks and computers which are purposed for the use of LSI and Honors students. Complementary coffee is located in the Work Room, #234. LSI staff and student directors find their home directly past this student work space. The Classroom, #227, is located around the corner and down the hall- this is where most events will occur over your four years with LSI.


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