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January 2021 Classes

The following classes are being offered online Jan. 4-29. Students can enroll in one course which is considered a full-time load for a four-week session. 

The cost is $300 per credit hour. Available financial aid funds for Spring 2021 will be applied first to the Winter 2021 term charges then any remaining financial aid will apply to the Spring 2021 semester.  A January class does NOT count toward the 12-credit hour minimum for JBU institutional aid and so students will still need to take 12 hours in the spring semester. However, for those students that have the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship or Distinguished Governor's Scholarship, a winter class will count toward the 15-credit hour minimum for each semester. If you have more specific questions regarding financial aid, email finaid@jbu.edu.

Registration for January classes will happen during Spring registration. Details can be found here.

  • ART 2233 Art History I – Neal Holland
  • BBL 1013 Old Testament Survey – Aminta Arrington
  • BBL 1023  New Testament Survey – John Lenschow
  • BBL 2013 Essentials of Evangelical Theology – Michael Francis
  • BBL 2022 Essentials of Christian Formation – Greg Robinson
  • COM 2523 Public Speaking – Angela Courage
  • EGL 1013 English I: Composition – Amanda Himes
  • EGL 1023 English II: Literary Analysis and Research – Brad Gambill
  • EGL 3003 Masterpieces of Literature – Jonathan Himes
  • HON 2591/3591 Honors Colloquium: Race, History, and the Church  – Trisha Posey
  • KIN 1002 Wellness for Life – Todd Bowden
  • MUS 2083 Masterpieces of Music – Connor Davis
  • POL 1013 American Government and Politics – Daniel Bennett
  • PSY 1013 Introductory Psychology – Kevin Simpson
  • CHM 4223 Chemistry Research – Susan Newton