John Brown University Intramural Sports Program is organized and administrated by the Intramural/Recreational Sports Office. An Intramural Sports committee will be formed and comprised of the IM referees and the IM student coordinators and will serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of the IM program.

The IM/Rec. Sports Office is located in room 231 in the WLHC and will be open from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm M-F. The IM phone number is 524.7304. Team captains are encouraged to stop by the IM office to check on schedules and to make recommendations to improve the IM program.

The IM/REC Sports Program is designed to provide an opportunity for all students, faculty and staff to participate in an organized sports program that is open to all participants regardless of skill level or ability. The IM program is committed to providing recreation, exercise and leisure activities through the interaction with others within a competitive realm.

IM Committee
The IM Committee shall be responsible for providing responsive programming to the real and stated needs of the student body. The committee shall provide set policies and guidelines as well as providing adequate personnel and structure for running a quality IM program

As per Webster’s Dictionary- Conduct becoming to one participating in a sport (respect for ones opponent, graciousness in winning and losing, fairness). A sportsman shall respect and abide by the decisions of the officials, treat opponents with respect and speak with kindness to all participants. The IM department reserves the right to disqualify and suspend any individual who acts in an un-sportsmanlike manner.

All students who are enrolled in a minimum of three hours of credit are allowed to participate in all intramural activities. Members of JBU staff and faculty as well as their spouses are also allowed to participate.

All varsity athletes are ineligible to play in their congruent intramural sport. This includes varsity athletes that red-shirt or athletes that may have been released from the varsity team for any reason. This regulation is applied on a yearly basis not by individual semesters. Therefore, first semester varsity athletes are still considered varsity athletes during the second semester. For example, first semester varsity athletes such as volleyball and soccer players, cannot participate in intramural volleyball and soccer in the spring even if they are seniors whose eligibility has expired.

In the event that a student tries-out for a fall semester varsity sport such as volleyball and soccer at the end of the season, that student will be allowed to participate in the spring intramural event.

Athletes who participated in varsity athletics in previous years are allowed to participate in Intramurals in following years provided they are no longer involved in varsity athletics. However, only two (2) ex-varsity players that are current students at JBU are allowed on a roster for their congruent sport. For example, if an ex-varsity basketball player returns to school after his eligibility has expired to complete his/her degree, that player and only one other ex-varsity player in the same situation can play intramural basketball for the same team. This rule does not apply to faculty or staff members that played varsity athletics in college.

All professional and ex-professional players are ineligible to play in their congruent intramural sport. If there is a belief that a player played professionally, it is up to the opposing team’s captain to submit their complaint to the Intramural office with documented proof.

Rosters will be checked at the beginning of each game. Players may not be added to the roster after the Saturday of the first week of play unless approved by the Intramural Director. Any addition to the roster after the first Saturday will result in a forfeit of the game played. Players may not switch teams. If a player is involved with more than one team each team shall forfeit all previous games and that player shall not be eligible to participate in any intramural activities for the remainder of the year.

No team shall play with an ineligible player even if they were given consent by the opposing team. Any team playing with an ineligible player will be disqualified from championship games.

Players may not play in both the A and B league of a given sport.

Players must participate in two or more games during regular season games to be eligible to participate in the playoff and championship games.

Starting Times and Forfeit/Disqualification Rules
Each team shall be granted a five-minute grace period from the scheduled start time. There will be no leniency or exceptions to this rule. However, the game will be limited to a 45-minute playtime if the game is delayed. The head referee shall call all forfeits at five minutes after the hour by the head referees watch. If neither team is ready to play when the grace period is up then the game shall be declared as a double forfeit. Each team is allowed two forfeits after which they shall be disqualified from the league and the remaining games shall be forfeited as well.

Preferred Game Times:
Before each schedule is created, each team will have the opportunity to choose only ONE night a week in which they prefer NOT to play. Any other changes in the schedule will have to take place at the captain's meeting. After the captain’s meeting, no other changes in the schedule will be allowed to occur except in the case of inclement weather or emergency situations. However, during playoffs, we will do our best to make sure every team has the opportunity to play and not forfeit a game. Once again, CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED DURING THE CAPTAIN’S MEETING. THE ONLY OTHER SITUATION WHERE A GAME WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE POSTPONED OR RESCHEDULED IS FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER OR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.

The Intramural department encourages protests when warranted to promote fair competition. All protests must be given to the Intramural department in writing or by email within 24 hours of alleged discrepancy. Protests involving rule interpretation shall be heard, but the Intramural Director shall make the final call. Any protests after the 24 hour time period will not be accepted.

Team Captains
Team captains must be present for all captains meetings or have someone represent the team in his/her place. The failure of a team to be represented at a captain’s meetings shall force the team to forfeit their first game. Team captains shall also be responsible for filing the team roster, notifying team members of playing times, informing players of rules of play, promoting good sportsmanship and keeping up to date with intramural policies and procedures. Team Captains must have their team signed up by noon on the registration deadline NO EXCEPTIONS. Team captains are also responsible to assist in reporting game results to the head referee to ensure the accuracy of records.

Participation in intramural activities is on a voluntary basis. Neither John Brown University nor the Intramural department shall be held liable for ordinary negligence. For this reason, all participants are encouraged to obtain medical insurance and are expected to play without any health restrictions.

All injuries must be reported to the Intramural department within 24 hours, and an accident report form must be filled out completely. If the injury requires medical attention, campus safety and the Intramural Director must be called immediately after an ambulance has been called. Those phone numbers are 549-7162 and 524-7304.

Check each roster at the beginning of each game to be sure that nobody has been left off of the roster accidentally or that the teams playing are not playing with extra players.

An automatic ejection will be issued to any player who argues with or threatens another player or referee, uses vulgar language, or assaults or batters another player or referee. The offender will have to sit the following game even it is a playoff/championship game and may return at the approval of the Intramural Director. The second offense shall be handled by ejecting the offender out of the rest of the season games including playoffs. If the behavior continues the offender shall be subject to ejection from all participation in intramural games for a period of time to be set by the Intramural Director depending on the seriousness of the offenses.

Any player ejected from their final game of a given sport will be issued a two-game suspension for the next sport that they choose to participate in.

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