Photo: Missionaries In Residence

Missionaries In Residence

Meet the Missionaries in Residence!

Every year, JBU has the opportunity to host a different missionary couple. These men and women take a year from their usual mission field and come serve right here on campus! Their primary purpose is to advocate missions at JBU. They assist with missions opportunities, such as World Awareness Week and also play a critical role helping Missionary Kids adapt to life in the US.

Missionaries in Residence

Seth & Andrea Sears


JBU is pleased to welcome Seth and Andrea Sears for the 2017-18 academic year.  

Seth and Andrea Sears are originally from Kansas City. While participating in a suburban church plant, they began to feel conflicted about their own pursuit of wealth, while much of the world struggles daily with hunger, poor sanitation, the lack of access to quality education, and subjection to violence and oppression. Wrestling with these issues of economic/resource disparity led them and their family to work in La Carpio, a marginalized community on the outskirts of San José, Costa Rica in 2009. More than 1,000 tons of garbage are driven through La Carpio every day and deposited in the landfill located at the west end of this settlement of more than 40,000 people. Tin shacks are the predominant form of housing. Gangs govern each bus stop and violence is common both inside homes and on the streets. Seth and Andrea founded giveDIGNITY, which exists to restore the dignity of those living in marginalized communities, such as La Carpio. The mission of giveDIGNITY is to realize enduring life change and redeemed relationships among the poor through Christ-centered holistic development initiatives supporting education, employment and prevention of violence. For more information, visit

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